Sod & Turf Development

Quality Sod, professionally installed:Rolls-of-sod


We supply the best quality sod in the area at extremely competitive prices.  Whether your turf needs are for a small damaged area of your home’s lawn…

…or you need to cover an entire baseball diamond,


our sod division can make sure your project comes in under budget and with the highest quality sod available.  Our state of the art, industry leading sod laying equipment will make short work of the largest jobs.  For those smaller applications, our sod experts will hand install your sod to ensure the highest quality and best chance for success and turf adhesion.

Magnum sod layer

Magnum sod layer


After the installation:

Thoroughly watering your new sod will help it thrive.

Thoroughly watering your new sod will help it thrive.

Once the sod is laid it is extremely important to keep it moist so that it survives and thrives.  You’ll want to make sure to water it every day for at least the first 2-3 weeks unless there is sufficient rainfall (at least 1/2 inch per day).  It is very hard to overwater new sod so unless you see standing water, you haven’t overwatered it.



We also offer seeding, slit-seeding and overseeding services where sodding does not make sense.  Call us for a quote on any of these service at (563) 940-3695.